I quote from “The Sailor’s World”, written by Arthur Beiser:
“Sailing is the supreme sport. In fact, it’s more a way of life than a sport. Every aspect has it’s own fascination….Sailing sharpens the senses and heightens the appetite, that whiff of sea air and the splash of the sea the most moribund city dweller blossoms to life”

The deeper you dive into it, the more you will discover and feel amazed. The sailing theory classes are aimed at giving you an insight of the broader picture of the sport and enrich your knowledge about the various aspects like racing round the buoys and its related ‘safe sailing’ rules, understanding the weather, navigation and cruising over the horizon and much more. The course will equip you with all the necessary knowledge required to navigate around the coast and prepare for overnight cruises. You will also get familiar with the different terms used in sailing that will come very handy as you progress through your practical sailing lessons.

The Sailing Theory Classes are essential for beginners and the experienced sailing enthusiasts alike.

Outline Of What You Will Learn

  • Understanding Racing Rules of Sailing
  • Preparation for overnight cruises / voyages
  • Basic coastal navigation, how to read a chart and chart work
  • Learn more about the weather

Course duration: 5 lectures of 45 to 60 minutes each, spread over a period of one month or less.
No of students per class: 1 to 5 students per class
Fees: Rs. 7,500 per student

Things to know

  • To take this course, students must have enrolled for, or completed the Basic Learn to Sail Course or must know the basics of sailing
  • Only students of age 15 years and above are eligible to apply
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