Learn Sailing in Mumbai

Introduction to Sailing Course at Gateway of India, Colaba, Mumbai

The Introduction to Sailing Course is an ideal way to get introduced to sailing and learn its basic concepts. It is designed for complete novices who don’t have any previous sailing experience and are looking to try and learn a new adventure activity.

The course is a 90 minutes familiarization lesson as to how we harnesses the power of the wind to get a sailboat to move and steer a course to a destination of our choice.

Course duration: 1 sailing session of 90 minutes
Boat: Students will be trained on the Seabird class sailboat
Venue: Gateway of India, Colaba
No of students per session: Minimum 1 – Maximum 3
Class dates and timings: Classes are conducted on all days of the week. The wind conditions are favourable for sailing from 7:00 am till 10:00 am (morning session) and from 2:00 pm till 6:30 pm (afternoon / evening session). Students can schedule the date and timings for their classes accordingly.
(Please note that in the morning session, you cannot begin your class after 9:00 am; and in the afternoon / evening session, you cannot begin your class after 5:30 pm)
Fees: Rs. 4,000 per student

Things To Know

  • Only students of age 15 years and above are eligible to apply
  • Knowing how to swim is NOT mandatory to take this course
  • Buoyancy aid will be provided for safety
  • Class date and timings must be booked atleast 2 days in advance
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